Because GMS is the world leading provider of affordable Virtual Investment Properties.  These VIP autonomous businesses earn additional money in abundance when you sleep and play, providing the all essential additional income all humans must have, as if we don’t get a VIP, then according to (Warren Buffet and most world leaders) the majority of us will have no choice but to work like slaves until we die.  

Now slaving a life time is not a good prospect to look forward to.  As GMS founder and a peer recognised inventor, I felt compelled to create a real-time solution, so I designed an autonomous e-Business with 5 key features. 1. Ownership had to be easy 2. Incomes without limit 3. Proportional starting price’s 4. Zero loss 5. Easy exit.  After many years of proving, the GMS Virtual Investment Property (VIP) is now in reality the most important must have item you need to survive the future.  

People Ask

What are VIPs?  What exactly are Virtual Investment Properties?  Why are they so affordable unlike Bricks & Mortar Investment property?  Why are they superior income generators?  

The Founder Answers 

VIPs are real-time tangible property created for the specific purpose to rapidly increase the value of the mass they consist of.  VIPs cannot be used for owner occupation.  

VIPs are brilliant electronic businesses that unlike normal business, generate vast passive profits over a short-term. VIPs do not require input, owners keep being paid valuable passive income that’s consistently produced by the VIPs AI automation. 

VIP Type5 units cost USD75k with 1/3rd being the license cost, 2/3rds being the 12-year paid in advance rental cost. The VIP has an AI programmed life term of 12-years, and that’s making VIPs high in demand as during the 12-year term they produces income 77 x their original unit cost paying-out a predicted total of USD5.775 million, in three instalments, at 4-year intervals.  How good is that! 

To make starting easy the VIP Type5 unit cost of USD75k has been divided by the 5 types using USD15k incremental starting amounts. Each have the same privileges and earning ratios. This allows buyers an economical way to start with the right to upgrade to ownership of a full Type5 unit at any time within the allocation terms. 

There are zero ongoing cost or expenses of any kind, unlike the myriad of costs associated with Bricks & Mortar property not forgetting that your VIP produces 100x the income an ordinary B&M property could ever do, that is why so many B&M owners are liquidating in favour of VIPs. 

Girls Mothers Sisters, it’s with sincerity that I dedicate this invention to all of you.  It's my hope that you embrace this Virtual Investment Property business with enthusiasm, enabling you to manage your independence, because Life, as you will discover is only and always about your OWN ESTATE. 

Get liberated, sign up now, don’t delay if you’re wanting to live life rather than survive it.  For a step by step guide go here.

See terms & conditions for acceptances. 

Brighter Coin

The six best reasons to secure a license that prints money


The VIP is by AI self-order underwritten by the 100% cash asset backed ICONCOIN, constantly earning value increasing sums of real cash equity whilst you play, sleep and work at your ordinary job, if indeed you have one. Your VIP provides a secure and compliant process for you to own an abundance of cashable equity as a private cash fund in a short time so you don’t waste a lifetime.


Starting is made so easy. A Type1 VIP costs USD15k, its projected to earn cash equity of USD1.155million. You will need just USD6k consisting of the USD5k VIP license, plus USD1k as the first monthly instalment of 10 to be paid over 9-months. Now if USD5.775 million is more your thing then a Type5 VIP unit will cost USD75k. To buy your VIP, utilise your own property equity or savings. Get family and friends together as a syndicate, just start thinking smarter.


Savvy people quickly realise the benefit how a VIP grows equity faster than most anything over a short 12-years, without any liabilities. It’s an easy decision to choose their VIP Type based upon the future value they want (refer Equity Chart) then if their savings are not enough to buy-in, they go and borrow the sum needed at the current low interest rates, to finalise their VIP purchase. Because of the VIP projected risk-free equity growth and the fact it is always liquid, more and more people have quit buying additional property because of its liability.


Any VIP owner can introduce our GMS business. They will gladly guide you from start to finish. Just ask and they can provide guidance on how best to use your VIP so you can achieve your financial goals. All that is needed after paying and starting, is to then watch as your VIP accumulates, far more than you could ever possibly earn working and struggling for 40-50 years. Free yourself of all debt. Choose the best for your life.


In uncertain times your priority today is to always have a PLAN-B for tomorrow. When you accept it’s unrealistic to believe you can quickly earn an abundance of money from B&M property, then think VIP as then you will realise owning a VIP rapidly generates over a short-time private cash-equity, providing you income irrespective of negative external matters. By continuing to rely upon working as your only income, you are always at a disadvantage with zero security.


Don’t be in denial, make owning an automated equity gaining VIP today your PLAN-B so you can realistically protect your tomorrow’s. Your VIPs first pay-out happens at month-49 end this is a compulsory withdrawal. All you need do is advise to which legal bank account you want it deposited in accordance with normal commercial banking terms applying at the time. Payments are approved and transacted within a 30-day cycle or less following the date of availability announcement.

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.


Brighter Coin
What are the guarantees?
The only guarantee applies to your original registration, that if rejected, GMS will provide a full refund of the money you paid for the chosen VIP. The essential underlying cash asset backing the GMS Vault is the cumulative value of the rental fees it receives, plus equity gained. This means the Vault value is what provides the underlying assurances of the equity take-outs. GMS do not use the word guarantee preferring that the 4 year equity take-outs give buyers the confidence that any equity gained on their VIP ICONCOIN allocation is available as an auto redemption. See our Terms and Conditions for early exit buy-back provisions.
What does consolidation mean?
Consolidation is the 12-month period that commences 30-days after an original or consequent VIP allocation has had the rental sum fully paid. When an original VIP is upgraded it becomes a new Type VIP purchase. If any original allocation has been in consolidation the original commencement date ceases, until the upgraded allocation is fully paid and in consolidation. Only then does the 12-month consolidation plus the 36-month qualifying period recommence with a new end date set. Notice: Gains from acquiring additional ICONCOIN outweigh any perceived consolidation time loss. The incentive is to pay-up the rental fee on all ICONCOIN allocation ASAP.
Can ICONCOIN be traded?
The exciting thing about trading the ICONCOIN is that its real value is reflected in the GMS Master Vault account so real time cashable value, not yoyo market values are represented. Because your VIP hires the ICONCOIN, and does not own it, then legally you cannot sell it, however the good news is, the VIP holding the ICONCOIN allocation, provided it is paid up, can take on new ownership for whatever price you can negotiate via an internal AML & CFT secure GMS EXCHANGE transfer function, on request.
Is there a limit on VIPs issued?
The number of VIPs issued will be in accordance with the Types of VIPs purchased. Don’t delay there could be 1.0 million Type1 VIPs or 200,000 Type5 VIPs or any number in between, as demand like all things determines availability. Be savvy don’t delay get your VIP with such an urgency as though your whole economic future depends upon it, because it does and the sooner you realize this, only then will you have a prosperous and safer future.
How secure are ICONCOIN after payment?
All ICONCOIN are held safe within your VIP and is as safe as your Username and Password and your ability to keep your business matters private.
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